Thursday, March 24, 2011

So take your fast car and keep on driving...

This is yet another post that involves me and a car.  Except this time I didn't hurt anyone or anything.

On the contrary, I'm reasonably certain I entertained several motorists as I made my way home from the baby sitter's house yesterday after work.

I picked up The Incredible Hulk from the sitter's yesterday after sitting in some obnoxious traffic.  To make matters worse, she greeted me with some disappointing news - the baby is getting sick again.  She told me he was just a big bundle of whiny and wanted to snuggle all day.  That didn't seem so bad, but I noticed he just seemed so pathetic.  He didn't even protest when I put him in his car seat, but instead looked up at me with those glassy, sick eyes that makes mommies' hearts hurt.  I grabbed the diaper bag off of the trunk of the car where I had left it and got in to take my sick little sweetheart home.  I kept checking him in the back seat and he just looked listlessly out the window as we made our way out of the subdivision and onto the main road.

Distracted, I must have stopped too long at an intersection because the car behind me started honking.  I ignored all impulses to flip her the bird (plus, I gave it up for Lent) and took off.  I was a couple more miles into the commute when another car started honking and pointing at the back of my car.  Tires, I figured as I had noticed the car was driving a little funny and I couldn't remember my last rotation, but then I also noticed she was smiling and giggling as she pointed.  I took a look and there it was - the cool pack, the one that I send all of TIH's milk and food in every day was still sitting on the trunk.  Right where I had left it.

Listen, y'all.  I cannot believe this thing stayed on my car.  Below I have posted a map of the path my car took with the cool pack precariously perched on my trunk THE ENTIRE WAY.  I Google'd the directions?  IT WAS THREE MILES.  And a WINDING three miles at that.


There you have it folks.  As it turns out, I am not the terrible driver I previously indicated myself to be.
No.  In fact, my mad driving skills DEFY GRAVITY.
So, run and tell that.


  1. Ha. Ha. Ha. I have to admit that is hilarious. Just imagine if you could have flipped those people off that were trying to help. Too funny! Hope he doesn't get sick.

  2. I drove all the way to the gym with my cell phone on the roof of my car early one morning. Know how I found it? After my workout I pulled out of my parking spot and heard a funny noise. Just before exiting the lot (a good 100 yds) I decided to investigate. I stopped the car and got out to inspect the obvious (tires, mainly) and recognized that my phone was ringing! The funny noise was the vibration!!! Pls don't ever tell my husband! I would never live it down!

  3. Andrea - that is hilarious. And, your secret is safe with me :)


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