Friday, April 29, 2011

This is a man's world...

Dear Public Restroom,

I have a question for you.  When did you become such a misogynist bastard?
I said it.
I ask because it seems to me that you and some of your buddies all got together and decided to set the women's lib movement back 60 years.  Why, WHY, WHY do you only put changing tables in the women's restrooms?  Must the woman change ALL of the diapers?  Because, let me tell you, I have an awesome husband who I make is actually willing to change diapers on a rotating basis.  So it really irks me when he walks out of a men's restroom at a restaurant or at Wal Mart (YEAH.  AS IF I NEEDED ANOTHER REASON TO HATE YOU, WAL MART) with a sheepish look on his face which says, "This one's on you, mama."

Why do you hate me?
I rarely get the opportunity to leave the house (when not going to work) as it is.  So, when I do leave the house, it'd be nice if I could enjoy some of my time out there. 
This may come as a shock to you, but I'd rather not spend it in a smelly (sorry, but it's true) restroom fighting with the poorly hung 5"x5" square of plastic while the baby tries to touch all of the disgusting surfaces (again, sorry, but really?) your walls have to offer.

Listen, my husband and I share diaper duty - a fact that I am quite proud of.  So, why are you making this so damn difficult?

Do you know what else is difficult impossible?  Washing both hands effectively (read: with soap) while holding the baby, a purse, a diaper bag, and that obnoxious pad thingy so he can sit in the cart.  Can you get some of your people on inventing something that will make that easier?  Or, at the very least, install a hospital-grade waterless hand sanitizer.  Because after I touch someone else's excrement, I like to wash my hands.  I know, it's shocking.  Surely, a man invented this set up.

So, listen.  I need you to get your flippin' act together. 
I need, no - I DEMAND equal-opportunity diaper changing. 



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  1. Ditto. I actually hadn't noticed as I obviously don't enter the men's room to discover this, but my husband actually complained about it. And he does NOT love sharing diaper duty 50-50...he usually makes some excuse to pass it on to me. So for him to complain? Yeah...get on it high-and-mighties of the portable diaper-stations.


  2. That's pretty funny. I learned to change my daughter's diaper standing because (and maybe this is just our area) many of the public restaurants/stores/etc - with the exception of malls - don't have changing stations. PERIOD. I used to have to walk out to the car, change her, and come back in. I got tired of it so I started changing her while she's standing. The downside of it is that if you're not quick enough or if there's a breeze (why that is, I will never know), she WILL pee on herself and of course, all her clothes so I make it a habit to bring with me EVERYWHERE a change of clothes as well as diapers and do it where there isn't an obvious breeze. So yes, the high and mighties of the bathroom changing station people really DO need to get started on this. I HATE lugging around extra stuff.

  3. SO TRUE I could not have said it better. I think you need to cope and paste this on the Walmart website. GOOD JOB

  4. bahah. well written.
    must give you props on having the hubby share the duty... the lover has only done it a handful of times (we have a 2 yr old and 4 month old)... something about being a SAHM has got him thinking he doesn't have to. hah.

    i keep hand-sanitizer in my diaper bag so i don't have to mess with anything.

    thanks for the comment... as far as baby oil on babies.. me either! altho we did use it on my little brother to help with his cradle cap.... other than that, not so much.

    -kristranlynn @ adelynSTONE


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