Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's not easy being green...

Dear Mother Earth,

I don't blame you for being angry at me.  I haven't been doing the best job of protecting you and respecting you the way I know I should.  I guess I should start from the beginning and apologize for that first diaper change in which I used several diapers and an entire package of wipes.  That diaper change alone set the green movement back a few years.

I'm sorry that I've continued to use an almost innumerable amount of diapers daily over the course of this first year.  It's true that I could have tried those reusable dye-free organic cotton diapers instead of Pampers. And, I suppose I should have misted my baby's butt with a bottle of water collected from the first morning dew rather than use disposable wipes.  But I have to be honest with you, I was freaked out enough by the thought of actually having to change a diaper.  The disposable ones are easier and not as gross.  So give me pass on that one. 

Please forgive me also for my abundant use of electricity.  I've tried to cut back on the use of the electric breast pump (though let's be honest, that's for my own sanity.)  But, sometimes we need to run the CD player with lullabies all throughout the night in order to get The Incredible Hulk to stay asleep.  Additionally, you'll have to pardon our night-long use of the baby monitor from day one, but I was never going to be able to get sleep with that tiny little baby in our room and I don't think solar-powered monitors are on the market quite yet.

If you could also excuse that I opted for a longer commute over Grace and her awful communication.  I was worried about the health and well-being of my child and I know that you, as fellow mother, understand that.  Fortunately, I purchased a car from a company that prides itself on the fact that its fuel burns clean, so I hope that helps a bit.

I'm truly sorry we run not-quite-full loads of laundry and dishes in order to have a clean sippy-cup/bib/shirt/pair of socks for the next day.  Trust me when I say, we can't wait until those days are over just as much as you probably do.

What's worse is I plan to have another kid someday, and will probably do all of this over again.  And I can't promise you that I'll do it any differently.  And for that, I'm really, really sorry.

I know that sometimes I leave the light on in the kitchen all night, that I watch television while sitting on the computer, and that I've never planted a tree.  Ever.  I know I print off too many pages at work, forget to recycle, and sometimes drink out of styrofoam cups.  I've been guilty of purchasing something new rather than repurposing or repairing something old.  I choose to pay my bills the old fashioned way (with stamps and checks) instead of going paperless and paying all of them online.  I even forgot about Earth Day this year.

I will atone someday.

Until then -

I promise to teach my children the joy in having your breezes ruffle their hair.
I promise to give them opportunities to run barefooted through freshly cut grass.
I promise to make periodic trips to your sandy shores and relish in the feeling of sand between my toes.
I promise to lay on large blankets and point out shapes out of your whitest of clouds against the bluest of skies.
I promise to play in piles of freshly raked leaves and enjoy breathing in the crisp fall air.
I promise to sit and stare through the window while fresh snow falls.
I promise to stay up for the next lunar eclipse, blue moon, meteor shower, etc.

I promise to do all that and...

I'll work on the recycling thing.

The New Mom on the Blog


  1. If you're bad...I'm bad too considering we've pretty much done every one of these things as well...often :)

  2. I promise to try to be better.......... :(

  3. I just found your blog through Rants from Mommyland. Hilarious. I can totally relate. I'm a working mom of a one year old and I loved the post about the enemies of a new mom. So true!

  4. **Okay, I just tried to post this comment, then something screwy happened with my phone, so sorry if it posts twice!

    Found you through RFMM today. You rock! Love this post. Can I forward it to my sister who uses CLOTH diapers and refuses to use papertowels? I would like for her to see it's not just me ruining the earth. :)

  5. @Holly - Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and reading! I'm so glad you liked this post. I know people who use cloth diapers and they act like they're all superior. More power to them. Personally, I like to limit my contact with other people's excrement (meaning I like to throw it away and not think about it), but maybe that's just me...

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  7. So true! We use disposable diapers instead of cloth and disposable wipes instead of wet wash cloths. I let the water run too long to get the baby's bath to the perfect temperature. *sigh* We'll make it up to the earth someday, but until then, we just need to keep these little humans alive. Found you via Literal Mom.


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