Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I wish I could go back to college...

Generally, when I am offered the opportunity to guest post it is because I have begged for the opportunity to do so as you will see here and here.

This time is no exception.

I am honored to be blogging over at Literal Mom today.  When I was given the opportunity to guest while Missy took a break for NaNoWriMo, I jumped at the chance.  I absolutely adore her tag line - "Thinking parents make better parents" and have found it to be astoundingly true especially as I became the mother of a toddler.

As a new mom, I am always looking for bits of worthwhile advice and Literal Mom is a great place to find it.

I'd be hard-pressed to explain what being a Literal Mom is - I'll leave that up to Missy.
In fact, after only 16 months of motherhood, I'd be hard-pressed to give you any advice as good as hers.
However, I've had just shy of a decade of experience in behavioral theory, and most of that stuff is good enough to apply to your kids.  I think.  I'll let you decide.



If you found your way here after visiting Literal Mom today, thank you so much for stopping by!  My most popular posts can be found to your right.  I've been blogging for just shy of one year, but I hope you'll like what you find and decide to stick around for awhile.  And leave comments!  I love comments!


  1. Thanks for the totally nice words! I love you (not just because you said nice things either). Your post was AWESOME - love the analogy to your college degree and so, so true to parenthood!


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