Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No load I can hold...

I had this awful thing happen to me last week.
No, a different awful thing.

The strap to my purse broke.

I found a suitable replacement and then went about the daunting task of cleaning out my purse.  You will not BELIEVE what I found in there.


Here's what was in my purse.

  • Four pens (which is incredible since I can never find one in there.)
  • Notebook I use to keep track of thank you notes I have to write (, sorry you haven't gotten a thank you note if you're waiting on one)
  • Full size bottle of acetaminophen
  • Unopened bottle of Mio Water "Enhancer"
  • Pack of gum (with most of the gum spilled out on the bottom of my purse)
  • Sunglasses
  • Tissue pocket pack
  • Five receipts (probably why I can never get my check book to balance)
  • Ten gum wrappers
  • Four pieces of unwrapped gum
  • Four pieces of wrapped gum
  • More acetaminophen (must have been a realllllly bad headache)
  • Coupon for face cream
  • Book of deposit slips (unused...big surprise)
  • Three different bottles of hand sanitizer
  • One deck of cards (does anyone else always carry this around.
  • Pen light
  • USB cable for iPod
  • Small accordion folder for coupons
  • Three loose coupons
  • Three-pack of travel-sized Tums
  • Package of six wine charms (missing 2)
  • 42 loose hair ties
  • Package that once contained 50 hair ties
  • Two tampons
  • Two Tide stain sticks
  • Phone charger for the car (does not work)
  • iPod Touch in Vera Bradley carrying case
  • Change purse containing 6 pennies
  • Purse hanger (which never really worked)
  • 69 cents in loose change
  • Pill minder
  • Song list for a mass I sang
  • Travel-sized bottle of Advil
  • Four prenatal vitamins (NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT.  This just goes to show how long it has been since I cleaned out my purse.)
  • Car keys
  • "I Dined Out for Life" Sticker (This event was in April.)
  • Two chapsticks
  • Paper clip
  • Savings account ledger (Unused...big surprise.)
  • Business card
  • Paper dolls in an envelope (what?)
  • Two mints
  • USB cable for camera
  • Wallet
  • Money envelope from the bank (Empty...big surprise)
  • Old shopping list
  • Auxiliary cable for car
  • Computer charger
  • Book of matches
  • Button from pair of pants
  • Package of anti-scratch films for iPhone
  • Copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Yes, the entire book was in my purse.)
  • Wallet (This one only has frequent buyer cards in it. And it's full)
  • Two different "brag books" (small photo albums with pictures of The Incredible Hulk)
  • Two unopened wet wipes
  • One thank you card (Again...sorry I haven't written you a thank you card if you are waiting on one.)

Gee. I wonder why the purse hanger wouldn't work.

What about you, mommies?  What do you carry around in your purse?  Or does anyone forgo the purse all together and just carry a diaper bag?


  1. ^ wow nice spam message haha

    I carry a lot of random electronics in my purse. and two bottles of prenatals. one gummy and one chewable... hmm. should probably sort that out

  2. This is hilarious.

    When I had littles I had a wrist-let and a phone that tucked into the diaper bag which was a backpack. When I don't have to carry diapers, my purse is out of hand, I found an unwrapped tampon with skittles and a "Ni-hao Kai-lan" sticker stuck to it once.


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