Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Born again...

Around the time of The Incredible Hulk's first birthday, I posted my epically long birth story.  Of all of the comments I received, one of my favorites came from a blog called i like beer and babies and went something like:

"The first rule of childbirth is: get the epidural.  The second rule of childbirth is: GET THE EPIDURAL."

When I read it, I thought, "This woman? Is going to be my friend."  As it turns out Julie and I not only live in the same city, we gave birth at the same hospital.  A hospital she lovingly refers to as "The Spa."  (Seriously though, it was pretty sweet.)

Julie just recently had another visit to "The Spa" as she and her family welcomed a little boy into the world.    So, while she is on maternity leave (read: unable to write a coherent sentence due to exhaustion), she offered me a chance to guest post my birth story on her blog. I jumped at the chance.

Check it out here.  Even if you've read it before.  I did some editing so it won't take you two days to read anymore.

I think.


  1. I seriously cried reading your story. Thank you so much for sharing it and for re-affirming my decision made way before I even thought about having a baby to get the magic numbing needle.


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