Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take these chances...

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter or don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen a strange photograph of brooms standing completely on their own in the middle of kitchens all over the place.  Lots of people had explanations for this phenomenon ranging from solar flares to static electricity to proper alignments of the planets and everything in between.  It could also be that you have a brand-new broom at your disposal for this experiment.  Or, maybe it’s just plain dumb luck.

Which is what brings me to my apology to you, my readers, for my unannounced month-long blog hiatus. 

I’m sorry.

I have desperately missed writing for you, and have really missed social media in general.  I am afraid to look at Twitter after being away from it so long and I cannot tell you the last time I read through an entire blog.

While I can make a pretty good argument for being busy lately, I’ve also been a bit stuck.  I have all of these things in my head to write and to say, but when it comes down to it, I can never make the words come.  I don’t know if it’s writer’s block as much as it’s just. too. damn. much. stress.

So here’s a list of what has happened in the month I was gone.

1.       As you know, we put our house on the market.  So our lives mostly consisted of keeping a pristine-ly clean house at all times.  Even for two adults, this practice can be difficult.  With a toddler, this practice is MIND NUMBING.
2.       After only 31 days on the market, our house is actually under contract.  Yeah.  I KNOW.
3.       Selling our house this quickly kind of caught us with our pants down and now we are homeless.  (Not for real, we’re going to be living with my dad temporarily.) BUT, on the day that our house sold we had NOTHING lined up as far as a job or a home goes in Chicago.
4.       In the past month, I have sent out what feels like 30 resumes.  It’s probably less than 30.  However, being that almost every job I applied for directly relates to my highly specialized profession, any resumes I submitted over 2 is pretty much a metric crap ton in the music therapy world.  Now that we have no place to live in St. Louis, we kind of need to make the trek to Chicago ASAP, but there is no way we can do that without continuing to be a dual-income family.
5.       In response to all of those resumes, I landed an interview with an awesome job prospect in which I would be doing some preeeeetttty amazing things.
6.       While looking for jobs, we also kind of stumbled upon the most amazing house in the history of ever AND it was a foreclosure, so it was something we could actually afford.
7.       We made an offer and the bank accepted it (!!!) so we own a house.  But we can’t live there.  Because we need my income to pay for it.

So, to sum up – We took a chance and did EVERYTHING backwards.  I own a house in a state that I do not currently reside and I live in my dad’s basement so that I can continue to make pitiful-but-better-than-nothing wages in my current job while my husband spends several days a week away on business making me a single mom.


In truth, I know how very blessed we are.  We’re blessed our house sold so quickly.  We’re blessed my dad welcomed us with open arms.  We’re blessed our child is healthy and happy.  We’re blessed to both be employed, be that it is in different states at the moment.  We’re blessed that we could afford the house of our dreams and that of the four offers made, the bank accepted ours. 

Sometimes things just work out in your favor.  Maybe it was good timing.  Maybe solar-flares.  Maybe the planets just finally aligned.

Or, maybe it’s just plain dumb luck.


  1. wow.. what a month for you! I think we are living somewhat parallel lives. LOL

    In the past 6 weeks we have closed our business and put our house on the market as well (with a 3 year old in the house!) Sold in two days. Yeah. No plans in place yet. So we scrambled to find another house. And lucked out with the very first one we saw. It was perfect for us.

    I also have been looking for a job. Nothing yet. Sigh. So frustrating right now. But, I too, keep thinking of all the blessings we have had, and know that things are moving in the direction they need to be.

    Good luck with your move, and keep counting your blessings! :)

  2. Amanda, I am SO happy for you guys! It may be a crazy time, but you are right in counting your blessings. I hope you get the awesome opportunity you stumbled across in Chicago! So excited and best of luck!!!

  3. Yay for you :). Everything is working out exactly as planned and I'm still amazed your house sold so quickly...a big difference from our 28 months! Let me know if you need anything while being a single mom with a husband out of state. I've been there!

  4. Congratulations! Gah, I know all too well how stressful the house selling/searching/buying/job hunting process can be, but rest easy knowing the hardest parts are behind you. Hooray!


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