Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The best things in life are free...

As I have mentioned here before, monthly meal planning was a new endeavor for me which I started shortly after we moved here last year.  When people are astounded by the organization that goes into our monthly meal plan, I always am sure to remind them of my humble beginnings.  The time that was particularly difficult was the period right after The Incredible Hulk was born.  Between breastfeeding, exhaustion, and simply having a whole lot of new responsibilities - cooking dinner and even doing grocery shopping seemed like a really lofty undertaking.

Often the scene at the grocery store went something like this:

Me (to husband, who is at the grocery store to help me in case the baby becomes inconsolable, as babies are wont to do in the middle of the grocery store):  What should we have for dinner?
Husband:  I don't know.  What sounds good?
Me: Chicken?  We haven't had chicken in awhile.
Husband: (makes funny faces, gives favorite toy, changes diaper)  Okay, what do we have coupons for?
Me:  FRACK.  I forgot the coupons.
Husband:  Okay, so Monday we have planned.  What about Tuesday?
Me:  Did we plan Monday?
Husband: (orders pizza)

And so on, and so on.

So, when I was contacted by Mommy Savings about this awesome "Life Moments" shopping planner they have developed my first thought was, "Wait, where the hell were you guys three years ago?" and second, "This is the coolest thing EVER."

Quarterly, Mommy Savings is sending out a shopping planner.  In that planner includes 3 month's worth of space to meal plan; places to create a shopping list; recipes, tips, and information mostly relevant to new moms; helpful websites like New Mom on the Blog; and the best part - COUPONS.  And we're not talking about silly coupons for stuff you don't need.  We're talking at least one coupon for every item that I found in my grocery cart on a monthly basis (especially in the first year of being a mom.)  These brands include Pampers, Lansinoh, Nestle, Gerber, and Carter's.  And there's also great coupons for stuff you'll use around the house like toothbrushes, shampoo, toilet paper - basically everything your family survives on.

The price for this amazing little planner that shows up at your doorstep once a quarter?  ZIP.  NADA.  ZERO.  ZILCH.

I know what you're thinking?

Not a problem.  If you're interesting in opting in to receive the "Life Moments" shopping planner to your doorstep, all you have to do is visit Mommy Savings and provide your email address.  They're not going to sell you anything, they're not going to charge you anything, they're not even going to make you jump through any hoops.  (I know this for a fact, I signed up myself.)

And if at any point you decide you don't want to receive the planner, you can just send it to me.  I like double coupons.

If you're considering starting to create a meal plan for your family, I think doing it on a weekly basis is a great starting point and this planner would also be a nice way to keep it organized.  As someone who forgets her grocery list on the kitchen table on a LITERALLY weekly basis, I can definitely attest to the value of keeping everything in one place.

So, what are you waiting for?  CHECK IT OUT!

Though Shopper Incite  provided me with their product for review, the opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.  Obviously I barely have the time to wash my own hair some days, so I'm not going to take the time to write about a product I don't fully endorse (plus, it's free, so whatever.)

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