Monday, February 24, 2014

I've got your love to keep me warm...

We've been going through a really cute phase in the New Mom on the Blog house.  The Incredible Hulk has deemed it his job to find various things in the house that are either "comfy" or "cozy."  The tags on his clothes are his favorites.  Sometimes he'll reach out to touch our hair or his pajamas to let us know if they are "cozy" or "scratchy."  Even his well-loved Lamby has one "cozy" ear and one "not cozy" ear.  (The cat's tail is cozy, but TIH is not supposed to touch it.)

So, when the fine folks at GooseWaddle asked me if I wanted to check out one of their blankets, I knew we had the exact reviewer for the job.  (Literally, I had about five seconds to admire the adorable packaging our blanket came in before TIH ripped it out of my hands and said "COZY."  I haven't really even been allowed to touch the thing since we got it.)  So, TIH?  Tell us what you think.

Me: Sometimes people give things to us so I can tell them what I think of them on my blog.
TIH:  Blog?
Me: Yep.  So, these people want to know what you think of your blanket.
TIH: Hold on, I need to get some water.
Me:  What color is your blanket?
TIH: Blue!
Me:  What do you like about your new blanket?
TIH:  It's cozy.
Me:  What are some fun things you can do with the blanket?
TIH:  Um.  Play.
Me:  How do you play with it?
TIH:  Um, you throw it up into the sky.  (Demonstrates.)  And you can touch them.  (Demonstrates.)
Me:  How many blankets do you sleep with at night?
TIH:  Um...18.  (That's pretty legit.)
Me:  Do you want mommy to get you more blankets like this?
Me:  Do you have anything else you want to say about your blanket?
TIH:  COZY!  TOUCHING!  Where's my other blanket?
(At this point he handed me the smaller of the two blankets and said "Now you can go to sleep."  PRECIOUS.)

Obviously he's a fan, but these blankets get the NMTOB stamp of approval as well.

Last week a nasty stomach virus ripped its way through our house (will this winter EVER END?)  TIH had spent the course of the illness clinging to his two blankies and so the minute he looked to be on the way to wellness, I washed both.  They washed nicely and came out of the dryer just as warm and fuzzy as when they started. Anyone who has been around an infant EVER knows that these things need to be washed on the regular, so I was glad to be able to do a quick quality check there.

I also really love the fact that the gift set comes with its own "lovey" blanket in addition to the large one.  When TIH went to his babysitter for the first time, I really wanted him to have a small blanket to take with him that smelled like us and like home, but I also didn't want to run the risk of him being put to sleep with a blanket on him (since sleeping with loose blankets before age 1 greatly increases suffocation risk.)  GooseWaddle provides the perfect replacement.  (Of course, if you're like TIH, you'll require both blankets to be with you at all times, so it wouldn't quite work out as well as I described.)

Another fantastic feature of GooseWaddle blankets is that they are stretchy enough to be used as a swaddle blanket, but also have the warmth many swaddle blankets are lacking.  TIH was born in the summer and actually hated being swaddled because of how hot he would get.  However, this would be the perfect solution to someone welcoming a baby into our current, polar-like conditions.  (I haven't actually been able to try out the swaddle feature of these blankets.  Swaddling a three year old would likely be like trying to swaddle a cat.)

Additionally, as someone who loves companies who "pay it forward" out into our world - for every GooseWaddle blanket purchased, GooseWaddle donates a receiving blanket to a child in need.  Talk about warm and fuzzy.

So, wouldn't you like a chance to win one of these awesome gift sets?
Great, because GooseWaddle wants you to do just that.

In the interest of not doing anymore obnoxious giveaways in the comments that never work - I noticed a few of my blogger friends using this little widget called Rafflecopter.  So, you can enter the giveaway through that and hopefully it will be smooth sailing!  (If you are having trouble, don't hesitate to ask me.  I certainly don't want anyone to miss out on a chance to win this awesome prize!)  Don't have kids?  Doesn't matter.  How sweet would this be to give as a shower gift?  I'd be excited if it were a gift I received! I'll announce the winner here on Friday when I'll also be sharing our March meal plan!

For more information about GooseWaddle and their line of products, you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting their website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Though GooseWaddle provided me with a complimentary gift set, the opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.  Obviously I barely have the time to wash my own hair daily, so I'm not going to take the time to write about a product I don't fully endorse.

Stay cozy.


  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity! I love your blog and love how it has evolved as TIH has grown. I haven't commented before, but just wanted to say thanks for all your honesty and sharing!

  2. I would love the white for my sister who is expecting her first baby!

  3. blue will be fine

  4. I think we'd prefer the blue one.

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