Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Well, she seemed all right by dawn's early light...

Guess what?  Even though you didn't see them?  There were meal plans for the months of May and June!  So...even if I slacked as a blogger, I can say that my tried and true methods of monthly meal plans continue to remain intact.  I tried some new recipes during those months...can't remember them at all (especially since I lost my beloved "I Made This" board, thanks for that, Pinterest) and so I didn't do any recipe reviews.  That's about three months with no recipe reviews.  GREAT.

I'm trying to pick up where I left off, so let's just get this meal plan shared so I can move on with my life of being a subpar blogger.  Besides, I have lots of Mad Men episodes to binge on a mise en place to prepare for tonight's pasta.

New recipes to be tried this month are denoted with a "*."  I hope to be back to share my reviews of those recipes, but you can also find my notes on those recipes by going to my new Pinterest board: "Tried It."  You'll also find links to all of the recipes featured below in one handy dandy location.  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest for access to my obsessive pinning at all times. I hope you like statement necklaces and smoothie recipes because that's a lot of what my pins feature.

{July 2014}

Tuesday, July 1 - One Pot Pasta; Salad

Wednesday, July 2 - Hobo Dinners {This requires some explanation.  This is a old family recipe that my grandmother learned when she was a Girl Scout leader.  We've made them for years and always called them "Hobo Dinners."  It's basically a foil-packet dinner that can be cooked on the grill or a campfire (if you are so inclined.)  I'm hoping to provide a tutorial for this one up on the blog because it's  not only an easy meal - it's also delicious (total comfort food for me) AND very versatile.  Once you've got the concept down, you'll be cooking all of your food in foil before you know it.  Okay...maybe not.} {UPDATE:  I've shared the recipe for this meal!  Check it out!}

Thursday, July 3 - {No meal plan}

Friday, July 4 - {Happy Fourth! No meal plan - but I'll hopefully be eating something delicious and bad for me.  'MURCA.}

Saturday, July 5 - {No meal plan - attending a family reunion.  Likely eating embarrassing amounts of fried chicken - please remind me to run approximately 12 miles upon return.}

Sunday, July 6 - Grilled Fish* {Salmon for me; Tilapia for my husband}; Roasted Zucchini; Rice

Monday, July 7 - Beef Lo Mein*; Salad

Tuesday, July 8 - Buffalo Pork Chops; One Pot Fettucini Alfredo*; Sauteed Green Beans {I love my own famous fettucini recipe, but this one only calls for one pot.  Trying it out for the first time, but I'm already sold.}

Wednesday, July 9 - Chicken Taco Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing {We're still using our own blend of taco seasoning to season taco meats and LOVING it.  I've made this Cilantro Lime Dressing recipe before and could eat it with a spoon.}

Thursday, July 10 - Greek Stuffed Pitas; Salad

Friday, July 11 - ORDER PIZZA

Saturday, July 12 - Crock Pot Pulled Pork; Grilled Corn; Potato Wedges {My husband and I have our own special pulled pork recipe that's a favorite, but I recently saw this recipe on Pinterest and we may give that a try instead.}

Sunday, July 13 - Grilled Shrimp with Mustard Sauce*; Baked Potatoes; Sauteed Brussels & Corn {Okay, for starters, I have always loved brussels sprouts no matter how you serve them.  If you don't like brussels sprouts - I get's an acquired taste...however, I feel like 95% of people are not trying to cook them in any interesting way.  We tried this amazing brussels sprouts and corn recipe the other day and my husband - who does not like brussels - went back for SECONDS.  He's converted, y'all.  Proudest day of my life. SERIOUSLY.  TRY IT.}

Monday, July 14 - {No meal plan.}

Tuesday, July 15 - {No meal plan.}

Wednesday, July 16 - {No meal plan.}

Thursday, July 17 - TIH TURNS FOUR! (WHAT?)  
Stuffed Peppers; Salad; Bread {I made a meal plan, but I have a feeling we will take TIH out to dinner.  That's been our tradition for the past few years.}

Friday, July 18 - Grilled Brats; Cole Slaw; Tator Tots

Saturday, July 19 - {No meal plan.  We may have visitors, so I haven't decided what to serve yet.}

Sunday, July 20 - {No meal plan.}

Monday, July 21 - Lemon Shrimp with Parmesan Rice*; Steamed Asparagus

Tuesday, July 22 - Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad; Bread

Wednesday, July 23 - Beef Dip Sandwiches; Steamed Broccoli; Chips

Thursday, July 24 - Crock Pot Fried Rice; Salad

Friday, July 25 - Steaks; Grilled Vegetables; Baked Potatoes {My husband is the king of grilled veggies.  I usually do a variety of bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, summer squash, red onions, tomatoes, and then toss in a few cloves of garlic.  You bite down on one of those?  You know what heaven tastes like.}

Saturday, July 26 - Spinach & Mushroom Smothered Chicken*; Carrots; Pasta

Sunday, July 27 - Cheesy Chicken Orzo*; Salad

Monday, July 28 - Pizzadillas; Salad

Tuesday, July 29 - Chicken Caesar Sandwiches; Chips

Wednesday, July 30 - Shrimp & Guacamole Tostadas; Cilantro Lime Rice

Thursday, July 31 - Breaded Pork Chops; Sauteed Asparagus; Cous Cous


Check back this month where I will at least TRY to review some of these recipes.  I'm also planning to answer the FAQ regarding monthly meal plans - "Do you stick to your plan?"  Within reason I usually stick to the plan, but I thought I'd give you an idea of what that looks like by posting a "meal plan vs. reality" post.  Hope to hear what you all are cooking.  I'm in desperate need for ideas.  Picking recipes has become like pulling teeth for some nights.  Post your ideas here!

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