Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I wanna catch up...

Okay, as promised, I'm here today to give you what remains of the October 2014 meal plan.  I say "what remains" because although I meal planned the first and second weeks of the month...for the life of me, I cannot remember what we ate.  Some of the time was spent on travel and celebrating our sixth anniversary, but there were a lot of dinners eaten at home that I'm still forgetting.  This is such a blogging fail, I can't even discuss it.  So, let's all pretend that the month of October started on the 13th and move on.
Something super exciting that will be happening here at NMOTB this month is a giveaway from Door to Door Organics.  This will be specifically for my Chicagoan readers, but it is a giveaway that literally could be for ANY demographic this blog reaches.  (Moms? Sure.  Non-moms?  Great.  Non-women?  Awesome. Single, married, divorced? Have at it.)  Come back here next week for all of the details and to check out the yummy original recipe I'll be sharing made exclusively from my own DTDO delivery.

Remember that for up-to-the-minute meal planning ideas and recipe reviews, you can always go follow me on Pinterest.  Somehow I manage to neglect that form of social media less than any other form.  Recipes with a "*" are ones you can find reviews for on my Tried It! pin board.

Monday, October 13 - {No meal plan. Wow.  Already this is not going well.}

Tuesday, October 14 - One Pot Pasta; Salad

Wednesday, October 15 - Slow Cooker Quinoa Tex Mex*; Guacamole

Thursday, October 16 - DTDO Original Meal: NMOTB Pasta Primavera; Green Salad; Bread with Basil Butter

Friday, October 17 - Burgers; Cole Slaw; Tator Tots

Saturday, October 18 - {No meal plan.  Attending Paige's wedding!}

Sunday, October 19 - Spaghetti; Salad; Bread

Monday, October 20 - Cilantro Lime Pasta Salad

Tuesday, October 21 - Buffalo Pork Chops; Pasta; Roasted Broccoli

Wednesday, October 22 - Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad; Bread

Thursday, October 23 - Steak Teriyaki Ramen*; Egg Rolls (Probably going to get some that are frozen because I'm keeping it real.)

Friday, October 24 - Order In

Saturday, October 25 - Chili Bar!  (We're having a big Halloween costume party and will be serving multiple versions of chili with all of the accouterments you can imagine!)

Sunday, October 26 - Vegetable Beef Soup; Bread

Monday, October 27 - Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole*; Salad

Tuesday, October 28 - Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup*

Wednesday, October 29 - Crockpot Jambalaya*; Salad; Corn Bread

Thursday, October 30 - Shrimp Avocado Pasta*; Salad

Friday, October 31 - Pizza

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