Advice for other New Moms...

Here is my email address.
Ask me questions.
I may not always have the answers, but I will always try to find them.
Failing that? I promise to at least listen to you and validate your feelings.
Being a New Mom is so hard - how is it that you're so good at it?

You are also welcome to post questions to my Facebook page or to Tweet them @newmomontheblog using the hashtag #AFONM

(Also, with your permission - and if I have a reallyreallyreally good answer - I might ask if I can post your question and my response as a future blog post.  YOU AND YOUR BABY WOULD BE FAMOUS.  You know, to me and my grandma.)


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*If you came looking for advice specifically about my weight loss journey, {start here} and then feel free to email questions that you still have!

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